︎Location: Hamilton, QLD
︎Traditional Place: Yuggara Country
︎Architect: The Artificial
︎Photography: Andy Macpherson

Noir house is all about the aperture of the building concealing the city view, creating a tension and mystery until you move through the house and experience the wow moment with all 5 levels draped in cascading gardens that open up to the huge city view.

A luxurious home suitable for Batman, Noirs’ gardens had to be low maintenance, cliff tolerant, gardens that were self-sufficient and not scared of heights. Each level of hanging garden took on a xeriscape approach (xeriscaping is the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation). Carefully placed native species, create private nooks, buffer winds and soften the sharp edges of the black house on the Ascot hill.

A unique mix of arid, desert loving exotic cactus carefully sourced from many east coast growers work in harmony with hanging native vines and creepers to purvey an architectural and geometric planting layout.

Being fortunate enough to work with Zephyr Builders, The Artificial Architects, and sculptor Matt Hill Projects on this ultra-Modernist piece of architecture, was the highlight of the project for us.

Traditional lands of the Turrbul and Jagera nations.