Las Palmas

︎Location: Myocum, NSW
︎Traditional Place: Bundjalung Country
︎Architect: Davis Architects
︎Photography: Ann-Louise Buck

Neatly perched on a hilltop landscape surrounded by the hinterland of Byron Bay, this unique double pavilion was inspired by mid century modern architecture. This home was flawlessly detailed by DUO Architects in association with Davis Architects and intended to be flexible, timeless family home and/or luxury accommodation. 

Our landscape brief was a request for a minimal to zero maintenance series of gardens for this busy and very flexible young family.

The gardens sprawl over 4 key spaces needing to be carefully considered to celebrate each particular use and those vast sunsets. We chose mature Phoenix canariensis, the Canary Is Date Palm as the striking sculptural plant to punctuate the entry, forecourt and pool terrace and pay homage to the Palm Springs Garden Style.

Wandering Anigozanthos manglesii, Kangaroo paw, Carpabrotus, Pig Face and Viola hederacea, Native violet bring back a native Australian foliage and colour scheme.

Once inside the home you look over the Hollywood style pool and spa, however hidden below in the kids party wing the garden transforms into a night time outdoor cinema. As you wander across the back lawn or through the house you can’t help but absorb the vibes of those revitalising green Byron Hills and pinch yourself, you’re in paradise!

Traditional lands of the Bundjalung Nation.